Do you want to discover the magic of Krkonoše mountains at night? Everything you need to know is here:

Date:                   Saturday, 20th January 2018

Venue:                Pec pod Sněžkou

Registration:     Registration for both courses is closed now! There will be no chance to register in Pec pod                                                  Sněžkou, because of full start slots.

Starting fee:       800Kč for a couple on route A, Route B individuals 250Kč with online registration, 350Kč on the spot

                             - Starting fee includes (apart from route tracking and result service) commemorative Dynafit headband                                with a logo of the race, food and beverages at the finish, small gifts from partners of the race and a                                      generous raffle

Categories:         Route A: Couples MEN 1 with a sum of ages up to 100 years and MEN 2 more than 100 years, couples                                WOMEN 1 with a sum of ages up to 80 years and WOMEN 2 more than 80 years, couples MIX 1 with a                                sum of ages up to 90 years and MIX 2 more than 90 years.

                              Route B: Individuals MEN, WOMEN regardless of age

Prices:                  There will be a commemorative trophy and a material price for the first three in category, a generous                                    raffle with prices from DYNAFIT, Rock Point, Pec pod Sněžkou, Hotel Horizont etc. partners for all                                        contestants.

Bibs pick-up         Friday 18:00-20:00 in the Finish area, Saturday 12:00-16:00 Musicbar Klondike

Start:                      Route A: 17:00, start with ski on the backpack, Route B 17:10

Starting point:       On the main street below Musicbar Klondike / eventually the same as the finish (1km higher                                                  upstream)

Finish:                     Under Javor ski slope, GPS coordinates: 50.6895253N, 15.7287275E

Mandatory eq:        Every contestant must start and finish with a mandatory equipment listed below!

Background :          Musicbar Klondike offers all of the background for contestants. Issuing of start numbers and result                                     announcement will be here. Part of the club premises will be reserved for racers only to change                                          clothes and store belongings.

Route tracking:        Routes A and B will be marked with red flashing lights and streamers, there will be arrows and                                              organizers where needed

Parking:                    Official parking areas of Pec pod Sněžkou city

Organizer:                 Original team of Jiří Pleskač and Tomáš Bystřický, IČ: 06004253

Provision:    The organizer reserves the right to change the propositions and routes according to the current conditions. When sign up for the race, every contestant confirms that he carefully read the propositions and rules of the race. When you sign up for the race, you also agree with processing of personal data and confirm that you participate in the race voluntarily. In the event of damage to health, material or injury, the contestant will not recover compensations from the organizer. You are signing up for the race voluntarily and with no pressure from a third party. You will sign this decretal upon taking a start number. 

Mandatory equipment

Ski with binging that allows ascent and downhill and belts for ascending

Helmet and headlight switched on throughout the race 

Backpack with an option to fixate ski

Mobil phone and first aid kit


Friday 19.1.2018:

18:00 - 20:00 Bib numbers collection at the finish area

Saturday 20.1.2018:

Od 10:00 Rock Point skitouring equipment testing at the finish area

12:00 - 16:00 Bib numbers collection at Musicbar Klondike

16:45 Race briefing at the start area

17:00 Start course A

17:10 Start course B

20:30 Awards ceremony at Musicbar Klondike

21:00 Generous raffle and afterparty!

Race courses

More details will be announced during December

Course A

Team (couple) race

Start point at            760 m.n.m

Highest point at      1320 m.n.m

Lenght                       15,5 km

Elevation gain          1000m

Course B

Indivindual race

Start point at             760 m.n.m

Highest point at        1080 m.n.m

Lenght                         6.5 km

Elevation gain             380m

Partners of the race:

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